Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time to get back to knitting....

Hi Everyone!
Well, the last year and a half have been a roller coaster like no other. My marriage of 16 years ended. My son and I packed up and moved back to my home state of Missouri. I wanted to move home and open a yarn store. So far that hasn't happened but I'm still working on it.

I started a little business called Save The Yarn. I'm taking apart old sweaters and reclaiming the yarn. Cleaning it and winding it into hanks and balls and putting them up for sale in a local flea market. So far I have sold 2 hanks in 2 months. But I also started making hats out of old sweaters and I have sold two of those as well. Basically I have made enough money to pay for the booth.

I got a new job in a Chiropractors office, and she has allowed me to set up a little display area with my yarn. She has also told me I could use the office after hours for a knitting class. Only problem is find people interested in knitting. But I have a plan... I'm gonna carry my knitting every place I go and hope people will ask me about it... Then I can have them join me for a class.

Okay now on the more exciting news...

After moving home I met a man and fell head over heels. His name is Nate and we are now engaged to be married!! We are having a long engagement. So far we are talking about a Spring wedding. He supports my yarn and knitting and wants to see me have my shop someday.

I miss my girls back home, I miss the knitting parties we had. I was reading my blog of the night we forgot to open the flue on the fireplace, and I am so glad I blogged about that night. Because it was like reliving that night over again... Bec & Karen I miss you ladies!!

Now that life has settled back down again I plan on sharing my yarn adventure. I'm getting back to my roots and doing what I enjoy...