Friday, April 3, 2015

From Sweater to Hat

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I like to take apart discarded sweaters and do one or two things with them. I either frog them (rip rip rip them apart), or make something new out of them. The other day I was digging in my stash of sweaters and found one that I thought was beautiful.

It was too small to fit me, and it was surged (meaning the fabric was cut and machine sewn around the edges). What is a girl to do but make something else out of it.
I cut the front panel. Making sure the surged edge was included on both sides of the panel. Otherwise it would unravel.

Then I cut the top part off.

I cleaned up the top row of live stitches and using some of the yarn I pulled out I threaded a needle and ran a line through all the live stitches to secure them. Pulled it tight and using a hidden stitch I sewed up the two surged sides.

At this point the hat is basically done. I hat a bit of a pucker at the top. So, I decided to hide it with a pom pom I made out of left over yarn pieces.

Now Baby G has a new hat!