Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lots of Knitting

I finished the baby blanket that I was working on for a family member. However, I didn't feel it fit the Mom to be and I came up with another idea so I've decided to give that blanket to a lady at work who is expecting and make a new one in different (more appropriate colors) for the family member. Knowing that the blanket only took me 10 days and I have a few months until the little ones arrive I feel that I can make the new blanket in plenty of time.
My Shawl has got a work out. With this funky weather we have been having, I find it to be the perfect carry along incase I get cold. However, with the color of my shawl, and my inability to understand how to coordinate colors, I find that a black shirt and jeans have been my only option.
I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner, I played the part of Babe Ruth's Widow in 1948. I wore a gray dress with black shoes, I found the wool half cable hat I knit at the last part of last year that almost matched my shawl. I paired it all together and I think it worked out good enough.

Speaking of Lots of Knitting. The Murder Mystery Dinner was a group work activity planned to unite employees and promote a happier environment in the office. I gotta give it to the Doctors they really don't have to do these kinds of things but they do. I feel that it is very sweet and kind of them.
As I was getting ready for the dinner I continued to watch the constant predictions of inches and inches of snow (and even blizzard conditions) heading our way. My friend who was suppose to come do my hair was sick so I was stuck with trying to fix my mop by myself. As you can see from the picture I just tucked in under and plopped on my hat. I was split between calling in and refusing to go or continue with make-up and costume. I decided to give it my all. Before I left I grabbed a pair of socks I've been knitting on and threw them in my bag (along with a pair of emergency clothes in case something bad happened). Then I headed up to the office to meet the rest of the group. They were great! I loved everyone’s costume. They really did a good job and put a lot of effort into what they were doing. I was very proud of the group. We did have a few that "Called in Sick" and they probably were sick, because a bug has been going around.
The drive to the Bed and Breakfast was a little far but not to bad. It was just the next town up on I-35. The drive was nice and we had nice little small talk on the way.
When we pulled up to the Stone Lion Inn it didn't look much like the picture on the website. It seemed the picture took place about 20 years ago. But keep in mind it was sleeting and gray outside. (Can houses be airbrushed?)
When we first stat down I didn't bring my knitting in, I felt like it may segregate me from my group a little. Then a few people came up and asked me why I wasn't knitting that it fit my part. THAT WAS ALL I NEEDED.... YEAH!!! I went out and got my knitting, plopped down in a semi comfortable chair and begun knitting. I didn't stop until dinner time. After dinner I decided to put my knitting aside again because it was time for the action. The boss lady tugged on my shoulder and said "you should be knitting, it looks great and fits your part really well" BINGO that again was all the reassurance I needed to continue my socks. Thank goodness too, because the murder mystery was a mess. There were a couple of other groups besides ours that attended the party and let me just say... IF you are going to drag your spouse unwilling to a Murder Mystery please inform the host of this lack of wanting to participate so she can give them a different assignment other than a main part. Come on people. It sort of ruined the experience when the main charter can't be found because he got drunk and passed out! Oh and let’s not forget the girl who laid down and feel a sleep in the middle of the living room floor, or the girl in the bathroom praying to the porcelain gods, or the husbands of such ladies huddle in the back drinking and talking, or another group of ladies who got the giggles anytime one of their group had to read a clue. I kind of felt sorry for the host, by the end of the night I bet she yelled CUT about a hundred times and had to switch from "please be quite" to SHUT UP! to even get a response from the giggle girls, that felt the need to whisper loudly to one another.
So my word of advice if you want to do a murder mystery dinner is take enough friends that you know will participate, and fill the character list, or go with the idea in mind that the other guests are NOT professionals and that if drinking is allowed be prepared for a long night.

On the plus side, I knit and knit and knit, if I hadn't been able to there might have been a real murder....

Oh and it didn't start snowing until after I was home safe and ready to go to bed. When I got up this morning we maybe got a half inch of sweet wet snow.

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