Saturday, March 6, 2010

Knitting with the Girls

We had a blast knitting tonight. Becca's working on my Ear Flap Hat pattern, I'm knitting a washcloth from Mason-Dixon, and Karen is using the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine to make a baby blanket.

We started at 3pm meeting at a local bagel/coffee shop to knit with other local knitters. Then came back to my house to hang and knit some more. Karen brought chicken breasts with a sauce that was to die for. Becca made the coffee and I smoked up the house when I started a fire without knowing the flu was closed. Once we gave up on the fire and sat down to eat the fire kicked up and decided to actually produce a flame. (for a little bit)

This lovely night lasted until 12:30am. All three of us made so many mistakes that very little got accomplished, but we had an awesome time.

Lessons Learned:
Check the flu
Check the direction of the fan before turning it on in a smoke filled room
Don't get offended when you ask someone a question and get a 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 as an answer
It doesn't matter how many times you count, you will be off
Row counters can make mistakes too
Jenny can't say the name of the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou without totally messing it up
Karen is tight, Becca is right on and Jenny is loose (this is a knitting reference, I promise)
Three women can knit together for over 9 hours without finishing a project (some don't even get finished casting on)

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