Thursday, March 18, 2010

Works in Progress

Now and then it's a good thing to take stock of all the wonderful items on your needles. This way you can tell how really scatter brained you really are. I've decided to post my many works in progress. Now these are just my active works. I would have to dig in the knitting closet to find the few inactive works. Frankly, I just don't want to do that, or admitted how many unfinished items I've put away for one reason or another. I do know that somewhere out there is a sweater I started awhile ago that is missing in action. I found the extra yarn but have misplaced the pattern and beginnings of the work. But honestly I don't remember how much I had completed or the name of the pattern. Oh well, it will appear someday when it's ready to be finished.

Baby Blanket

This project is the closet to done. I just have to finish washing and then it's on to blocking.
Mason Dixon Wash Cloth

This project is a fast knit, and my excuse for carrying a large hand bag. I plan on getting a stack of these done to give out as gifts this year. I plan to always have one on the needles. This is what I call my purse knitting. I have a special area in my purse for a project.
The Friday Night Knitting Club
Okay I know, this isn't a knitting project. However, I claim it as an unfinished work because I haven't finished reading it. It's hard, because when I start reading I stop to go knit.
Lake Burridge Aran Afghan
Those of you that know me, know that I have given myself 3 years to finish this afghan. So far it has been 2 years and I'm about 1/4th of the way through the 3rd panel. Not to bad. This afghan has three long panels then two small that go at the head and foot. This project lives in a speacial bag and gets knitted on when I don't want to knit anything else and am not ready to cast on a new project.
Snowflack Ear Flap Hat
I'm almost done with this hat. It's a personal design that I'm knitting for a second time using my pattern instructions to make sure I didn't forget something. Unfortantly I have had to make a few revision to the pattern. But I'm glad I decided to go through the pattern this way.

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