Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitting Pretty

I figured out the Lace Pattern of the shawl and I’ve been knitting pretty all week. I’m past the first repeat of the 42 row pattern and feel very confident that I have the process under control. Yeah Me!
I started another pair of socks that I took to girl’s night out this month. The ladies at the office are very interested in my knitting and have asked me to have a knitting class at work. I put up a sign up sheet in the break room and I have to say I was very surprised with the response. Now I just have to figure out a date and time and get permission from the Boss lady to see if we can use the waiting room of the office to have the class. I don’t think it will be a problem.

I got the new Knit Picks Catalog this week so I figured I would have them all order needles and yarn through me from the catalog and make one big order. Once the shipment arrives we will have our first class. I’m excited to bring more people into the knitting world.
I’m down to three things on my needles, Socks, Shawl and Afghan. I’m very proud of myself.

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