Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mostly One Project Week

I’m determined to finish this beautiful lace shawl. I’ve worked on it now for a couple of weeks. I struggled through learning ssk, psso and not letting my stitch marker go through a YO. I got into a groove and I’m doing really well. However, I’m afraid to could the number of stitches on my needles. I must have a hundred stitch markers. I’m at the point that it takes me 45 minutes to an hour per row. I’m one of those knitters that hates to stop in the middle of a row. Because I always confuse myself when I go back to it, no matter how carefully I log my last stitch I still screw up! Knitting this shawl I really feel like a beginner knitter, even though I have been knitting for 2 years. This lace pattern is really kicking my butt. It’s a simple pattern repeat but for some reason I get the vision in my mind like I do when I’m knitting cables. When I’m knitting cables I understand the stitches and how they make the pattern. Lace is just messy. It looks like a tangled mess. I can’t wait to block it. I’ve heard that is when the magic happens. When you get the full effect of the pattern, and everything makes since. I sure hope I haven’t waited all this time to find out I have a huge gap someplace.

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