Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Refuse to go to 0's

I've decided to make an Ear Flap Hat, although the picture looks like some kind of underwear, I promise this is the beginning of a hat with ear flaps.

Calls for Super Fine weight yarn and size 2's
Here is the problem. I'm a very loose knitter. This can easily be fixed with most patterns, I just go down automatically by at least two needle sizes. This will make up for my slack. However, when a pattern calls for a 2, I run into a major road block. I absolutely refuse to use a 0. It all steams from an unfortunate incident involving a sock, a size 0 double pointed needle and my misplacement of said needle, only to find it with my butt cheek as I sat down on the sofa. Enough said!

As seen above the hat at this point could be used for a belt around my supple waist. No Go.

In my infinite knitting wisdom I decided to make a few changes. Starting with the fabric, I felt the super fine weight yarn was too gappy. To fix that I doubled the yarn, thus making the fabric even larger. No Problem, I will just decrease by 16 stitch and to make up for the loose knitting I allowed myself to go down to 1's (purchased by accident of course).
After knitting a few rounds you can see from the picture it turned out a few inches larger than the first go round. Humm how to I plan to fix this issue?
Well, I like the fabric so I am sticking to the double strand. I don't want to start over, so I am going to do two major decreased and come back and steak that area when I am done. We will see if this works...

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