Monday, February 22, 2010

So Much for the Yarn Diet!

I tried with all my might to slim down my yarn collection. Although I made several scarves, hats, socks and miscellances stuff I think I have more yarn now then I did when I started. The issues was I received a large plastic bin of yarn from a family friend and I found 3 boxes of yarn that I didn't count in the first go round. But the biggest kink in my plan was the sweaters I have bought from thirft stores to take apart and reuse. These sweaters once salvaged added to the yarn total.

Once again it is time to reorganize the closet and take stock of the inventory. This time around I have called upon my best friend Becca to help with the project. We got a start a few weeks ago and we got ride of anything not knitting related. We purchased wood shoe cubies and have made a good start in the process. I need to get a few more cubies to store my yarn in.

The complecated knitting machine has gone away with the garbage man. However my Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine has been a ton of fun. I have learned how to make socks, scarves, hats and mitten gloves. I even made a few of my own patterns that I plan on sharing once I write up the pattern and take some photos.

In the process of all this I have designed (in my head) the ultimate knitting room. Someday when I talk my husband into cleaning out the man cave and moving our son into that room, I will redecorate my sons old room into the knitting room of my dreams. Hard wood floors, yellow walls with white wood work. White wood cubies to store my yarn in, acentuated by canvas prints of knitted fabric color cordinated with the yarn in each cubie. I plan on getting a day bed to place in the room and nice table set up for my Bond knitting machine.

After watching the 2010 Winter Olymipics. my husband is requesting a USA Cable Turtle neck sweater. So as soon I find the pattern I plan on getting started on that project.

This year I have made great strides in my massive Afphgan project. I'm almost on track for having it done within three years. Hey, it's a big blanket...

I started a pair of socks for soldiers, but a majorly messed up on the heel. I was knitting without thinking and I will have to sit and think real hard to figure out what the heck I did to fix them.

Once I get my stuff out and take some pictures I will add then to my blog, right now it's just getting started blogging again after almost a year.

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