Monday, January 19, 2009

Here is my dream

Today is Martin Luther King Day. The ring of I Have A Dream in my ears all day has got me thinking. What kind of dream do I have...

Well personally I have a dream. But first let me give you a little back ground. My husband Thom is a Network Engineer for a large craft store. He loves his job and he loves the fact that his hobby is computers and his job is basically his hobby. My hobby is knitting and my current job is Pr/Marketing Coordinator for an Orthodontic office. My mom lives with my Grandma in Oregon on a farm just south west of Portland. She has a farm and has goats and sheep. Hummm

Here is my dream. A craft/yarn store in Oregon discovers that they need another Network Engineer and Marketing person. They call and request our help and ask us to move, we move to the farm with the family until we can find a place. Oh now that would be a wonderful dream...

The downside is Thom will never leave his job here in Oklahoma. Bummer. It just seems that the knitters in the Pacific NorthWest seem a lot more friendlier than what I have discovered locally. That is not to say that I haven’t met knitters here that I liked. It’s just that several of the local knitters make me feel unwelcome, out of place or make me wonder why I walked into the store in the first place when I can just order stuff online. I’m not mean or ugly or rude. I have several friends and a couple that I have turned into knitters. But I just know that if I lived around Oregon I could have lots more knitter friends. I’m really getting tired of trying to learn new stuff from books and the internet. I want the human interaction, and friendly banter. I want to see others work in progress and hold and touch the yarn and fabric.

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