Sunday, January 18, 2009

Learning from Podcasts

In my past blog I spoke a little about my new discovery of Podcasts. I found the Knit Pick’s Podcast with Kelley Petkun. I was first drawn to her because A – she is a knitter and B – she has a pom. I just recently had to let go of my 15 year old pom, and my heart is still breaking, but I love hearing the snipits of stories about Zena. I started at the beginning of the Podcasts and I’m not up to date yet. I just finished listening to Episode 44 where Kelley interviews Jillian Moreno from Big Girl Knits. OMG – if only I had known about the book or listened to the Podcast before I knitted my first sweater. Here is what happed...

Quoted from my notes on Raverly.

This was my first sweater. The pattern came from Big Needle Knits. I didn’t like the way it fit and for some reason the garbage man took it! (I was so upset I didn’t even get to salvage the yarn). The sweater was warm (to say the least) I don’t remember the brand of yarn I used, but it was itchy and I promptly took off the sweater ten seconds after the photo and never put it on again. I did try the same pattern with a different yarn and had the same problem…. Was it me or the design? I will never know. However, I did manage to salvage the yarn from the second sweater and I made a wonderful baby blanket.

After listening to the Podcast I have now realized that it was because the design didn’t work with my body type. Thank you Kelley and Jillian for clearing this up and giving me the motivation to try and knit another sweater for myself. I will be getting the book Big Girl Knits: 25 Big, Bold Projects Shaped for Real Women with Real Curves by Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer.

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