Friday, January 16, 2009

What's On My Needles and other UFO's

What’s On My Needles-
I’m finishing the second sock for Thom. I’m using a pattern I found on the internet titled Men’s English-Ribbed Socks. I had to modify the pattern a little because it was wrote to be knitted flat. I prefer to knit in the round. Rewriting the pattern inspired me to go through all the links I had saved in my favorite places in Internet Explorer. To my horror I noticed that a few of the pattern where no longer available. Oh No!! So I came up with a solution. Using Microsoft Office 2007 Word I selected the template for a brochure and stared copying and pasting the patterns I don’t want to lose, and saving them in a new file I created titled Knitting Patterns. I saved the file on my computer and on the server so it will be backed up every night with our normal backup. That project took the entire weekend and I didn’t get much knitting done. But I do have the peace of mind that those patterns will always be safe.

After cleaning out my Knitting Closet, updating my iPhone app with all my needle information I found some UFO’s (UnFinished Objects).

Leaf Shawl – over half way done but the pattern has been misplaced.

Bag O’ Bag – I decided to knit a bag out of colored trash bags – tiring working with sticky plastic

Fuzzy Scarf – I’m making a scarf for a lady at work

Burridge Lake Aran Afghan – This is a project that I pick and put down throughout the years. I have one full panel done and about 25% of the second panel. 5 panels total are required to finish.

Baby Hat – Simple knit in the round. Got bored

Sweater for Becca – this project really needs to go to the frog pond. Because I started it before I really knew how to knit a sweater and I didn’t check gauge. So the arm holes are big enough for my waist.

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