Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitting Closet

The Knitting Closet-
Let me describe this large closet. I have yarn, books, notions, and a sewing machine crammed into a hall closet the size of a medium bathroom. The yarn is divided by color and placed inside clear plastic hanging sweater holders. You know the kind designed to hang on a clothing rod. Well I bought these thinking I had a clothing rod in my closet only to get home and realize at sometime the previous owner had removed the bar.

So I packed them tight and turned them on the side and stacked three on top of each other. My bright idea was that the pockets would be so full of yarn that the structure would be just fine. Not really a good idea. After a few months, of picking and pulling yarn balls out of and replacing them in the structure, it collapsed and caved in and was a really big mess!While at the dollar store I found the perfect solution. These little mini bins that can snap together side by side and bottom to top. I bought every last one they had in the store. 13 altogether, surely that would be enough to reorganize.

Um-not even close. So I was off to the other store on the other side of town. I bought that store out of mini bins. Only to get home and set them up and find out that 60 bins still won’t hold all my yarn. (Even when I tucked and stuffed enough to make the sides of this think plastic bin bulge). I had to sit down and admit to myself that I have a yarn addiction. I am now at a cross road. Do I buy more boxes – which would mean driving to another town to buy out that stores supply of mini bins, or do I thin out the yarn – which would make me feel like I am having to choose between family members, or do I knit with double strands on really big needles to use up as much as I can in the quickest time possible? I’m leaning to the knitting solution, but I know that there has got to be a better solution. Eurika- I went back to the dollar store and got under the bed storage boxes – heh heh heh – I’m hiding the yarn I know I won’t use. The memory yarn – the yarn that has a story, but not a plan.

My only concern is my husband discovering I have hidden stashed yarn under the bed. I can see it now. Cat gone missing – treats not working – finally looking under the bed to discover the cat has figured out how to open the box and curl up in the yarn. Maybe I should tape the box shut. Yep – I will tape the box shut! Then I will have to stash enough yarn to fill up the entire under bed surface so the cats can no longer go under the bed. Then Thom will never have to look under the bed. I guess that means I need to go shopping for more yarn not more mini bins. Humm that sounds like a plan to me...

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