Sunday, January 18, 2009

Will he ever wear them again?

Will he ever wear them again?
I had just started the toe decrease on the huge black socks I was making for my husband when he decided to inform me that they are too thick and he doesn’t think he will wear them very often. He stated that if I had made them in Navy instead of black he might be able to wear them more.
OMG- The one thing I forgot to ask him – What color... Why I didn’t ask him.. Well- Because the man has 15 thousand pairs of black (commercial made) socks in his freaking sock draw. This is a man that has so many pairs of socks that he actually has two sock draws, one for white/cream and one for black/navy. I had black yarn so I made him black socks. All the other design aspects I went over with him at every point. Let me tell you that this man is a very very picky man when it comes to clothing. I know that it may sound funny. But when we where first married my husband sold very expensive suits for a living. He went to suit classes and learned everything from fiber content to tailoring. He knows more about clothing construction then I could/would ever want to know. So it is a standing rule in our house that I never, ever buy my husband clothes. Because every time I try.... Let me just say tears were shed until I learned it wasn’t me, it’s him... So why would I want to knit this very picky man a pair of socks... Because I felt that socks are barely seen, because everyone loves socks, because surly I can’t go wrong with socks. OH SO WRONG. I did finish the socks and like a very good husband he wore them for the rest of the day. He said he liked the fit, but again they are very thick. Personally, I tried them on and loved them – but they are too big for me. I figure I will give him until Christmas to wear them again. If he doesn’t I will rip them back and make them shorter and give them to my Dad for Christmas. I know Daddy will love them... And I now I have to add to my list... Never buy (or make) clothing for my very picky husband. I will just use that time to make things for myself and flaunt them in front of him.
On a side note.. I was trying out a new pattern and technique a few months ago. My husband absolutely loved the design and colors of my swatch. He asked me to continue and make it into a scarf for him. I did (thinking all the time that it was the ugliest thing I had ever made). He has worn it to work almost everyday since it was finished... Go figure!!!

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